Dental Sealants in Surrey

Dental Sealants in Surrey | Newton Village Dental Clinic
If you examine your premolars and molars, you will find that there are grooves on the chewing surface of each tooth. Even with proper brushing, it can be hard to clean these recesses as they can be narrow and deep. Dental sealants may be applied to the premolars and molars to fill in those grooves causing brushing to be more effective in defending against tooth decay.

A dental sealant is a thin coat of plastic resin that is painted over the surface of the teeth. Once the resin has been applied to the teeth, it is hardened using a curing light. The sealing process is quick and pain-free and dental sealants look and feel like natural teeth.

Dental sealants are normally used on children, but we recommend waiting until permanent teeth have erupted. Adults with healthy teeth may opt for sealants as well.

Sealants typically last for three to five years, but it is not uncommon for adults to have sealants in place from their childhood. Dental sealants are only useful if they are fully intact, therefore you must visit your dentist regularly for checkups to ensure your sealants are not chipped or worn. If your sealants are not intact, we can repair them by adding more plastic resin.

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