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Most people will lose teeth at some point in their lives. In the past, the standard options for having teeth replaced were dentures and bridges. In recent times, dental implants have become a popular alternative. If you have missing teeth, you may have considered getting dental implants. If that’s the case, here are some things you should know about these implants:

Dental implants are strong and durable

Dental implants are made from titanium which is an extremely strong compound. These implants allow you to bite and chew your food normally. Titanium is also biocompatible, which means it compatible with the tissues in your body and will not cause any harm. Once they are inserted, the implants heal around the bone to practically become part of your body. When you get dental implants, you should brush and floss them just like you would your other teeth. If properly cared for they can last you a lifetime.

Implant restoration involves very little risk

You may quiver at the thought of having a surgical procedure done. However, there is very little to fear when you opt to have dental implant surgery. In fact, 98 percent of dental implant surgeries are successful. There are few requirements for this procedure. If you are in good health and have a strong enough jawbone to support the implants, you will likely be a suitable candidate.

Dental implants won’t get cavities

The biggest problem with natural teeth is that they can weaken. Teeth can weaken because of wear and tear, gum disease, and cavities. Cavities are holes that appear when bacteria cause a deterioration of tooth enamel. These holes can get bigger and deeper over time and need to be filled to ensure that they do not spread. They are a constant concern with natural teeth but do not present a problem with implant restoration because titanium is not susceptible to cavities.

Dental implants can improve your nutrition and health

In addition to being unsightly, missing teeth present a serious health concern. Having missing teeth can lead to malnutrition as it becomes difficult for you to maintain a healthy diet. If you have a number of missing teeth, you may choose food that is softer and easier to eat without pain and discomfort. The problem is, you may not get the nutrients your body needs by consuming only these types of food. It is important to eat foods rich in nutrients daily to keep your body healthy. To do so you need a strong set of teeth. Implant restoration will allow you to eat food just as you would with natural teeth.

Implant restoration preserves the jawbone

When you lose teeth, your jawbone will recede causing the shape of your mouth to change. Jawbone recession gives you a sunken in look and causes wrinkles to form around your mouth. This will make you look much older than you are. If you already have dentures this constant movement can cause them to fit incorrectly and to shift around in your mouth. Dental implants merge with the bone so you will never have a problem with them moving around. The implants will also help to preserve the bone to prevent jawbone recession in the first.

If you are in Surrey and in search of a solution for missing teeth that will preserve and improve the health of your mouth, then dental implants are what you need. So, book an appointment to see us at Newton Dental Village so we can help you restore a healthy and youthful smile.