As a parent, you may have plans to take your little one to the pediatric dentist once they develop a full set of primary teeth. Unfortunately, they may have caries by then. To reduce the likelihood of this, you should schedule your baby’s first dental appointment within six months after the first tooth appears or by their first birthday. If your child is older and has not yet seen a pediatric dentist, don’t delay scheduling an appointment. The earlier you go, the greater the promise of a beautiful smile.

Before booking an appointment, you will be responsible for preparing your child for the first visit. Although the visit is mainly for the pediatric dentist to examine your child’s mouth and check growth and development, it’s also about your child being comfortable. Here’s how you can prepare your child for a tear-free visit:

Do your own checks

Get into the habit of examining your child’s mouth so that they will be comfortable when the pediatric dentist does it. Let them practice opening their mouth to get them ready for when the dentist counts and checks their teeth. Gently wipe your little one’s gums with a clean wet washcloth if they don’t have any teeth yet.

Bring your child to your dental appointment

Taking your child to your dental appointment can help him or her to get familiar with the office and staff. Allow them to watch how the dentist examines your mouth to see that you are cooperative. Afterwards, you two can take a tour of the pediatric section to get acquainted with the playful setting and meet the dentist and the rest of the staff.

Practise for the big day

Playing pretend dentist at home before visiting the pediatric dentist can do wonders. You can dress like a dentist and have your child sit in a chair. Explain to them the importance of oral health while you count and pretend to brush their teeth. Afterwards, they could add to the fun by being the dentist while their favourite stuffed toy plays with the patient.

Reassure them

When talking to your little one about their upcoming visit, you can assure them that the friendly dentist will examine and brush their teeth and talk to them about preserving their precious smile. Let them know that the dentist will show them all of the tools and explain all of the procedures before starting.

Consider the time of day

Morning appointments are ideal as children are more relaxed and alert at that time. Children tend to be restless, tired or cranky in the afternoons, so avoid timeslots in that period. Also, avoid taking them when they are hungry. You might want to arrive 30 minutes early so they can get used to the environment.

Schedule an appointment with a family dentist or pediatric dentist in Surrey.

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At Newton Village Dental Clinic, we provide a comfortable and fun atmosphere for our young patients, and our team is committed to providing your child with exceptional dental care from the start.

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