Have you been putting off your twice-per-year dental check-ups? If so, you should consider changing that bad habit. Whether you skip appointments out of fear or keep forgetting the dates you have booked, missing your dental check-ups is not good for your oral health. So how can you keep your teeth looking healthy and strong?

Preventive Dental Care Practices

Dental check-ups are scheduled for every six months because cavities can take that amount of time – or longer – to form. In addition to cavity inspections, routine cleanings can prevent gum disease, tooth decay, gingivitis and a number of other undesirable issues. Regular check-ups also provide your dentist with important data about your oral health that may benefit you in the future.

Preventative dental care practices include proper brushing and flossing as well as dental X-rays, sealants and fluoride treatments. Your dentist may also talk to you about the diet and lifestyle habits that can impact the health of your teeth. Avoiding sugary or acidic food and drinks and instead choosing healthy fruits and vegetables helps your teeth stay in good condition. By taking proper care of your teeth, you get to enjoy a confident smile and a healthy mouth.

Why Is Preventive Dental Care So Important?

Practicing preventive dental care can save you and your family a lot of time and money on issues that could be avoided with early detection. The number one chronic health condition in children today is tooth decay, which is easily kept under control by adhering to preventive dental care habits. This simple solution can save you from a potentially expensive visit to the dentist, and it also saves you or your child the pain and discomfort that can sometimes accompany such procedures.

Studies show that having good oral hygiene is often a sign of overall bodily health. Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancers have all been linked to poor oral health. Regular trips to your dentist allow them to keep a detailed dental record of your teeth and gums. This record is then used to note changes, detect problems, and address potential issues early.

Many oral and dental problems can be effectively resolved with early detection and treatment. With regular dental care, conditions like bad breath, a crooked smile, and stained teeth can be avoided or corrected. Furthermore, keeping problems like these at bay will improve your mental and physical health and improve your confidence.

In addition, cosmetic dental procedures require proper preventive dental care to strengthen the tooth and avoid infections. The more care they get, the longer they last and the more effective the results. Procedures including dental veneers, crowns and Invisalign braces must be appropriately maintained for them to protect, correct and strengthen your teeth properly.

The mouth has an estimated 100 million bacteria per millilitre of saliva. As such, disregarding preventive dental care habits is not in your best interest and can even be costly in the long run. It’s time to consider making preventive dental care a part of your daily routine.

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