Tips for Fast Recovery Following a Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implants are the next best thing to natural and healthy teeth. They allow you to chew comfortably, prevent the acceleration of bone loss and loss of facial contour--and best of all, they restore your smile and confidence. During the dental implant procedure, your dentist or specialist will place the dental implant. Following this process, [...]

How to Tell When It’s Time for Professional Teeth Cleaning

Many believe that practicing good oral hygiene at home is enough to ensure the health of their teeth and gums. That is not always the case. If you want to preserve your oral health, regular dental exams and professional teeth cleanings are also essential. What does professional teeth cleaning involve? During professional teeth cleaning, the [...]

Dental Bridges vs Implants: Which is Better for You?

If you have missing teeth, dental bridges and dental implants are two restorative options to consider. What are dental bridges? A traditional dental bridge consists of at least one artificial tooth between two or more crowns. A bridge is held in place by attaching the crowns to existing teeth. To prepare for a bridge, your [...]

Situations That Require a Visit to an Emergency Dentist

Dental emergencies are dental issues that require immediate attention to save a tooth, stop bleeding or alleviate serious pain or infection. These situations are usually unforeseen and can happen outside of normal dental office hours. Knowing how to assess and identify a dental emergency can help you avoid serious oral health issues. If there is [...]

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