The Dental Crown Procedure: What You Need to Know

Dental crowns, also called tooth caps, provide your teeth with long-lasting coverage. Crowns protect and restore teeth that often cannot be repaired on their own. The caps are placed on chipped, broken, heavily-filled or decayed teeth to restore their appearance and function. Other reasons for the procedure include holding dental bridges in place, covering dental [...]

Preventive Dental Care Is Extremely Important

Have you been putting off your twice-per-year dental check-ups? If so, you should consider changing that bad habit. Whether you skip appointments out of fear or keep forgetting the dates you have booked, missing your dental check-ups is not good for your oral health. So how can you keep your teeth looking healthy and strong? [...]

Tips for Finding a Great Cosmetic Dentist in Surrey

Cosmetic dentistry refers to any dental procedure that improves the aesthetic of your smile. By focusing on the colour, shape, and alignment of teeth and gums, cosmetic dentistry improves the overall appearance of your smile. With treatments and procedures being more accessible as well as less costly, more people are looking to improve their confidence [...]

How to Prepare Your Child for an Appointment with a Pediatric Dentist

As a parent, you may have plans to take your little one to the pediatric dentist once they develop a full set of primary teeth. Unfortunately, they may have caries by then. To reduce the likelihood of this, you should schedule your baby’s first dental appointment within six months after the first tooth appears or [...]

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